• Product Name:AIM-8800
  • Product Category:Spectrograph - GNR
  • Published:2011-08-16
Product Introduction
        The control sample table infrared microscope automation can move conveniently, setting the aperture and focus, all the operations can be completed by computer software, it also supports the transmission, reflection and micro micro micro ATR measurement mode, which greatly expands the application field of AIM-8800, the instrument design not only careful consideration to measure small samples can to obtain high sensitivity, while taking into account the simple ease of use and operation. AIM-8800 infrared microscope represents the design idea of a new generation of infrared microscope.
Product Details
 Implementation of the overall control of the infrared microscopy by AIM ViewAutomatic diaphragm — according to the use of infrared energy sample size to the maximum extentDiaphragm for motor control, its size and angle can use the mouse operation, were set free. Only in the sample target area drag diaphragm box, can be set to the aperture, and automatic memory measurement in later, remain unchanged.Automatic X-Y sample table — simplify the precise positioning of samplesAs many as 10 sample positions and 2 background position can be automatically placed in the storage space, the sample stage can be as small as 1µ m step precision movement, in order to achieve high quality mapping imaging.Automatic focusing — only need to click the mouseNo longer time-consuming manual sample focusing adjustment, just relax and click the mouse, can automatically achieve good focusing on sample.Automatic centering — observed for samples, no longer simply!In any position in the double click the visible observation screen interface, can be in this position point automatically moved to the center of the field.Note: AIM View is a registered trademark of SHIMADZU AIM-8800 control the infrared microscope software)High sensitivity, maintenance free MCT detectorHigh sensitivity - of course!! Good quality AIM-8800 spectra data can be obtained in the infrared micro real experimental conditions under the most severe. Moreover, the use of high sensitivity of MCT detector with glass Dewar flask, need not be every one to two years to vacuum (MCT detector using metal dewar for maintaining performance, often required)